Grandpa’s Corner

Poems by Grandpa for Ayla

On 15May, I told Dad, “Ayla wanted to do nothing but watch TV [on Mother’s Day]…and sneak outside without me. I now have to lock the door once I’m in the house, to make sure she doesn’t leave when I’m in another room.” 

His response:

We gotta lock the door my dear
There is nothing for Ayla to fear
In a flash she escapes outside
Finding so many places to hide
Ayla my dear, we want you near
So your laughter we can hear
Please don’t embark outside
We are not amused when you hide!

On 27Apr, I sent Dad a picture of me Ayla in Venice in a narrow alleyway. I had my arms extended, touching both walls. Ayla was leaning, all cool, against the wall on my right.

His response:

As Mom held the walls away
Ayla kicked back with her cool sway.
Ayla looked calm cool and collective
As Mom was powerful and selective.