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The Kleenex Harvester

Written by Grandpa on 22Nov, after receiving a picture of Ayla surrounded by a mess of Kleenex, with one dangling from her mouth as she turned to face the camera…all innocence…

Just over a year, 
And jibber jabber talking. 
Nothing did she fear,
As she barely started walking! 
Rocking out to Jonas Bros. 
Kicking up her feet and flexing her toes! 
Taylor Swift performed her spot on songs. 
Ayla struggled where her personality belongs! 
At first she was a “Tiny Think Tank!”
Planning and thinking to pull off a prank. 
Ayla read books to learn more stuff. 
She became cantankerous and so so tough!
She made lists and checked them twice.
Still not satisfied, she checked them thrice.
Then her calling occurred in the middle of the floor.
She harvested Kleenex and she wanted more!
Runny nose in danger of being unblown.
When Kleenex were empty she sat on her throne.
She became “The Harvester,” short and proud.
If anyone imposed she would scream out loud!
So until she comes off her “Purple Haze Rain”
She will harvest Kleenex again and again.
The only way to stop her is to give her her head.
As she learns a new vice to practice that instead.
So to Mom and Dad, keep us in touch.
So we can all laugh at Ayla oh so much!!

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