Hello Sweet Baby Girl!

Today, 22Jan23, is day one of writing to you online, in a dedicated space that is designed for me to share my love for you, with you. I started this blog on 16Jan23, but when I typed the post, it wouldn’t save. I’m not sure what happened, but am back for round two!

I am writing you online for a few reasons:

  1. In an effort to have a repository of thoughts I want to share with you that is easy to access, user-friendly, pleasurable to the senses and won’t be lost in a natural disaster, the way paper so easily can be.
  2. Writing you online will keep me organized in a way that writing on paper simply doesn’t afford. I may write a note here and one there, but those notes may get out of order, or may get lost entirely because I don’t always put my papers in the same location. That’s a risk I’m not willing to take when it comes to sharing my love for you.
  3. I also want to share my experience of you with other parents, children and adults who might be feeling a little un-loved in their own lives. By sharing my love with you, I will share it, too, with them. We all need love – to both give and receive – and this is my way of sharing my love on a grander scale.

I have so many ideas for this blog. I want to share so many things with you. Random thoughts, memories, wisdom, lessons learned, virtual hugs, my hopes for your future, things I am learning on my journey to raise you, and so very much more. I invite the world in because I believe the world has much to offer, and if it results in a net gain (of experience, knowledge, love, etc.) for you, then I will consider this experiment a success.

Buckle in baby girl! I won’t write more tonight, as I am going to move to the dashboard of this WordPress site and attempt to navigate the ins and outs.

I love you, sweet angel!

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