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Dear Baby Girl,

Hello, Sweet Ayla. How are you little Dove?

Today is your 8-month celebration! It is presently 0849 and I can hear you in your room next door to the office (where I am standing as I type this letter on the portable island). You finally fell asleep the last time around 0130, but then slept for a good 6 hours. You woke up…I could hear you chatting away in your room…but you weren’t crying, so I left you alone to explore undisturbed. You eventually fell back asleep, so I showered and ate breakfast, but you are awake again. I’m not ready to go in your room to get you yet…I want you to get used to waking up on your own, knowing that you will get breakfast without having to worry. In the meantime, I will write you this letter. 

You are such a doll! Adorable…and you’ve recently, in the past two days, started giggling at all sorts of things. You’re a big fan of watching yourself on camera. You just love seeing that baby! I’m not convinced that you are aware that it is you on the screen, but maybe you have an inkling, especially when me or Papa is in the video with you. In any case, you do love other babies. You’ve giggled at the sight of a few, in pictures or on video. When I first showed you a picture of another baby, you laughed! I was so happy and surprised by that response, as it was a couple months ago and laughing was not a regular thing that you did. It was so sweet!

In your 7th month of life, you have certainly become very mobile. You went from hating tummy time – even just at 6 months – to rolling all over the room and often falling asleep on your belly (your choice!). I’m so glad we are using a mattress only for your bed, rather than a crib! There have been many times me and Papa have walked into your room to find you in the middle of the floor, by the dresser, or scrunched up against the side of your mattress and the pillow or blanket beside it that was meant to break your fall. When we spend time with you in your room, you travel! You can go – in a flash! – to the door, the bookcase, the dresser, and even the hallway! I was in the office once, doing some work, and had you on the floor beside me. You were playing, just enjoying your time, so I focused on the task at hand. Next thing I knew you were in the hallway! I didn’t even see you roll your way out there, but there you were! Then you rolled onto your belly and poked your head in the office door. It was so cute! (I have a picture of it, of course!)

Your cousin Dominick’s birthday was yesterday. He is now three years old! And, of course, your cousin Luke will be two years old on the same day that you are one year old! I’m excited to get you together with your cousins. I’d love for you to spend more time with them, but it’s rather difficult given that we live in Florida and they live in Nevada. 

You’ve started to fuss a bit, so I’m going in to see you!

It’s now 8:51pm and you are sleeping for the night. You usually wake up about two hours after going to sleep for the night, and you’ve been down for nearly an hour and a half, so I imagine you’ll be up soon. 

We took your 8 month photos today! You were all giggles…so adorable!

You ate a whole four ounces of sweet corn and green beans today. 

D’oh! You’re up…time to end this letter! I love you sweet Ayla!

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