• Pre-blog Musings


    Dear Baby Girl, Hello, Sweet Ayla. How are you little Dove? Today is your 8-month celebration! It is presently 0849 and I can hear you in your room next door…

  • Intro

    Hello Sweet Baby Girl!

    Today, 22Jan23, is day one of writing to you online, in a dedicated space that is designed for me to share my love for you, with you. I started this…

  • Pre-blog Musings,  Travel

    Six Airplanes

    Good morning Sweet Ayla,  It’s 0630 and I’m steeping a cup of winter chai herbal tea (South African rooibos and exotic chai spices). I can hear the rain outside. Otherwise,…

  • All you need is love.

    John Lennon

    Desire: A Compass

    “The past is over and the future is not yet…thinking that desires are for the future blocks me from accepting responsibility for my present focus on dissatisfaction…” “Often my desires…